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Negative test results received in the 24 hours to 9am today stand at 3112. Natural News Truck drivers in Australia have taken a cue from Canadas Freedom Convoy participants and have driven to the countrys capital in Canberra to protest enduring and pointless Wuhan coronavirus COVID-19 mandates including one for vaccines though obstinate Australian leaders still pledged that booster jabs will become.


Who can be trusted.

. There are now 24 people with covid in hospital including five in intensive care four of whom are on ventilators. In a world of spin and confusion theres never been a more important time to. Canberra now has 4941 active cases and a total of 10777 cases since March 12.

The group began assembling on Monday and had camped on the. Mark Kenny is The Canberra Times political analyst and a professor at the ANUs Australian Studies Institute. Comments Discuss PM doth protest too.

Chaos as convoy descends on Australias capital to protest Covid-19 vaccine mandates - but Daniel Andrews warns. There WILL be more rules Hundreds of drivers travelled to Canberra to protest the. The Convoy to Canberra rally had attracted demonstrators from across Australia to protest against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.


Queensland Records Deadliest Day Of Covid Pandemic As Anti Vaccination Protesters March In Canberra Australia News The Guardian



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