Broadband5g.net includes articles of research scientific papers. The main subject of broadband5g.net is the development of information technology, especially the development of information technology in the field of communication. There are at least two rapidly developing information technologies, first a cell phone or mobile phone, and second is an internet networked computer, a computer that can be used to connect one person to another without any limits on time and distance.

The development of communication technology, especially cellular technology, began in the mid-1990s by carrying out the technology of 1G (First Generation), which uses AMPS (advanced mobile phone system) technology. Where AMPS technology was first used by the military in the United States.

In the 10 years since the birth of AMPS there has been a very rapid development with various inventions or innovations in communication technology, and in the late 1990s came the 2G (Second Generation) technology. The main difference between 1G and 2G technology is that 1G still uses an analog system, whereas 2G already uses a digital system. 2G technology can be divided into two large groups, namely TDMA (time division multiple access) and CDMA (code division multiple access). TDMA itself developed into several versions, namely GSM in Europe, IDEN in America, PDC in Japan. The CDMA is growing rapidly in the US and Canada. The striking ability of 2G technology is that it can not only be used for telephone (voice), but also for sending SMS (short mes sage service) that is sending short messages using text.

With the existence of this second generation technology, technology development is accelerating by presenting various features / features offered, in addition to sending SMS and voice and other advantages. It turns out that all these advantages are also still not satisfying the experts to develop information technology, then further information technology was developed again with additional internet features on GSM cell phones.

Subsequent developments after the birth of the internet, new problems arose from the impact of the internet, it is recognized that there were millions of positive impacts from the birth of internet but behind that there were also millions of negative impacts. As a result of the onslaught of attacks on negative internet content, which can be said to be an aggregation of information technology development.

Information technology certainly must be able to be used for various purposes, especially in the context of communication between the government and the people throughout the archipelago. Various channels of communication before it already existed, such as mass media, direct dissemination to the public at large.

With this communication and information technology, it will make it even easier to establish communication relations between the government and the people. This is certainly a positive impact of technology to carry out government communication, especially in terms of widely disseminating various development programs and policies. Conversely, the government and its staff can also benefit in the sense of various feedback from the public to the government in various ways.

Hopefully this broadband5g.net is useful and useful for all groups, namely the government, business people, the public, the intellectual / academic world who are deeply concerned with the development of information technology technologies such as researchers, lecturers / instructors / students / students, and all who can take advantage of this technology.