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Moving with cats across country is not only challenging for you as a pet owner, but it can also be rather stressful and even traumatic for your beloved cat. Pay attention to these 10 tips for moving with a cat long distance so that both you and your dear pet have a pleasant stress-free move across the country. Your agent can help you select the best way to transfer your pet, offer helpful suggestions, and assist with, or take care of, any necessary shipping arrangements. The agent may recommend a pet handling agency that will take care of all the details of shipping pets, including boarding, pick-up, and delivery.
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A cross-country move is not only a logistical nightmare, but it wreaks havoc on your nerves. By the time you get to your destination you're stressed out, confused, exhausted, and primed to.

Easiest way to move across country with pets. Contact the Animal Control Commission for the city or town where you’ll be living to determine what documents you’ll need and for information on licensing your pets. Communities across the country have passed breed specific legislation, banning or restricting more than 100 different breeds of dogs. Looking for cheap ways to move cross country? We don’t blame you. Given that the average cost of hiring professional movers for an interstate move is $4,890, (based on an average weight of 7,500 pounds and average distance of 1,000 miles) it’s understandable how you might be a tad concerned about the costs involved. Fortunately, there are less expensive ways to handle an out-of-state move. It’s hard to argue that a local move is almost always easier to execute than a long distance relocation to another part of the country. The key difference is, of course, the move distance between the two homes, and the greater that distance is, the bigger the transportation costs are.
The cheapest way to move is to pack lightly and fly, drive, or ride a train across the country. However, you may have to sacrifice more of what you own. Hiring a moving service is costly, but you don’t have to worry about moving your possessions. Pet Shipping with uShip. Whether you’re welcoming a new pet to your home, rehoming a rescue pet, or moving with a pet, we’re here to help! uShip will help you figure out how to ship a pet, help you get rates from pet shipping specialists, and give you tips on how to prepare your pet for its journey.If things get a little hairy along the way, contact us directly and we’ll help smooth. So What’s The Cheapest Way To Move Across Country? Unfortunately, I can’t exactly tell you. It all depends on your specific situation. Jacob ultimately decided to mix and match his options. Jacob hopped on a Southwest flight — free with points, $100 for his dog — and checked two additional free bags. He hired a uShip contractor for $700.
When you do travel, especially across country with cats, you need to make a trip to the Veterinarians office before leaving to obtain the cats shot records, and medical records. If by chance you would be stopped on the way to your destination, you will want proof that they have had medical care and all of their current shots. Relocating across the country with your cat means examining the various options available and making the right choice for your four-legged family member. This can be an overwhelming experience, especially if the idea of shipping cats across the country is new to you. SEE ALSO: How to move my dog cross country. What is the easiest way to ship a pet across country? You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the best way to ship a pet to another state in the country is to take them with you in your car and embark on a cross country journey to your new home. Your constant presence will have a calming effect on.
The day for me to finally move from Florida to Arizona to be with my LDR boyfriend is almost here, early to mid September to be exact. We're just looking for the most cost efficient way to do so. I need to bring my car, clothes, shoes, books, and a cat, and I would like to bring a dresser but that's not necessary. Tips for Moving Cross-Country with Pets. The day of the big move has finally come. And when I say big, I mean big. You are about to move across the entire country. You’ve packed, planned, found a place to live in your new hometown, and sorted out just about everything in between. Royal Paws® Pet Transportation provides your cat safe, stress free transportation nationwide. We offer private cat transport services short or long distance for state to state trips or across the country and all of Canada. Our company has been successfully moving pets since 2000 and we strive to create a healthy, happy travel environment for […]
Recently we moved across the country with six cats (one feral) and a dog in tow. We drove two fully loaded vehicles. While I was very excited about the move, I worried about the impact on the animals. Amtrak can be a really cheap option for getting across the country; and several types of discounts are available. To learn more, see our article dedicated to Amtrak’s Shipping Rates. Cheapest Ways to Move Across the Country If You Want to Take the Bus. Greyhound is the only option for taking a bus across the country. You can bring a carry-on. Relocating across the country with your dog means examining the various options available and making the right choice for your four-legged family member. This can be an overwhelming experience, especially if the idea of shipping dogs across the country is new to you.
The easiest way to do this is to start going on drives — begin with short trips around the block, then go a little longer leading up to the move. Make sure your cat is riding how they will during the move: either in a harness, carrier or crate. Trying to budget the cost to move across the country can be the most challenging aspect of all. … but it doesn’t have to be that way! In this article, I’ve laid out some professional tips for making your cross country move less expensive and more manageable. Taking a cross country road trip with pets might sound intimidating. But we’ve zigzagged America several times with Ty and Buster and learned a few lessons along the way. If you’re planning a long road trip with your pets, these tips will boost your confidence and help ensure your adventure is fun for everyone!
Traveling by car is generally the best way to travel with pets, because it puts them under the least amount of stress. For long, cross-country trips, consider requesting a sedative from your.
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