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This extra large indoor guinea pig cage is perfect for two guinea pigs, but you could easily expand its size if you needed to fit more than two guinea pigs in it. That’s the beauty of making your own cage. If you’re new to guinea pigs, make sure to check out my tutorial on how to care for guinea pigs. March 23, 2020 by Critter Mamas in Guinea Pigs, Small Animals with Comments Off on How to Build a DIY Guinea Pig Cage Guinea Pigs make a great choice for a first “independent” pet for kids. They are friendly, cute and easy to care for.

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Guinea pig chew toys homemade, diy guinea pig toys stuffed with foraging materials, guinea pig toys diy that are chewable, food-based diy guinea pig toys, and any type of guinea pig toys you can make that incorporates some type of shelter (like a box or a cave).

Guinea pig cages diy. List of Best Outdoor & Indoor Guinea Pig Cages Petsfit Small Animal Hutch, Guinea pig Hutch Wood for Indoor Use. This is an ideal cage that can house your cavy and can be placed both indoor and outdoor. The materials used for the cage are pets. The size is good too so that it can be used as a guinea pig cage for 2. Most guinea pig owners don't realize that there is another option for a guinea pig cage that is not only cheaper but is also more comfortable overall for the guinea pig. A step-by-step tutorial with photos shows how to build a "C&C" cage for a cavy. 13 DIY Guinea Pig Cages. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. 1. Turn an Old Dresser Into a New Home. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. If you have any old furniture sitting around, try making this one of a kind house for your furry friends. This builder found theirs on the street, as a neighbor was throwing the chest away.

If you aren't comfortable with do-it-yourself projects, you can buy guinea pig hutches at pet stores or online, pre-made or with easy to assemble parts, for between $100-$300. However, make sure the one you purchase meets the size requirements outlined earlier. 8. DIY Guinea Pig C&C Cage. Don’t feel intimidated by all the DIY guinea pig cages you might have seen online. You can absolutely customize a c&c guinea pig cage as per your requirements and get a lot of room to work around the space management! This video tutorial is the perfect guide to walk you through. youtube. 9. Build Your Own Wooden. Sure you can buy an overpriced, small cage for your cavy from a pet store, or you can save a bundle of money and make your own! Here are my picks for the best homemade guinea pig cage sites.

Many Guinea Pig owners have tried different cages and resulted to two options: OPTION #1. Guinea Habitat” Guinea Pig Cage & Accessories by MidWest OPTION #2. DIY cages (your creativity will be needed here) Let's look at these options. Website: Guinea Pig Cages. This is an easy-to-make guinea pig enclosure that offers plenty of space and is easy to clean. The person who made this one claims that they paid $12 for the pool and $17 for the fence, but you can find those pools for free a lot of times on classified ad sites or craigslist. Website: Guinea Pig Cages Mar 6, 2016 - Explore chezxxx's board "guinea pig hutches and cages diy", followed by 729 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Guinea pig hutch, Pig, Guinea pigs.

DIY Guinea Pig Cage – Cavies, or well-known as the guinea pig, is a lovely creature that you can have around and keep at home. The maintenance of this animal is quite easy, and you can even make your o wn DIY Guinea Pig Cage in your home.. The DIY concept is useful not only to explore your creativity but also to save a few bucks of your savings. Whether you’re expanding a critter house or starting from scratch, these DIY guinea pig cages are sure to give you some inspiration along with easy-to-follow instructions. Read on, craft on, and let us know if you end up making any of these DIY cages. (I’d love to see pictures of your piggies, too!) Find and save ideas about guinea pig cages on Pinterest.

All you need to know: The AmazonBasics 6 Cube Grid Wire Storage Shelves are very popular and commonly used as a semi-DIY guinea pig cage. You’ve probably seen tons of these sold under names like “C&C guinea pig cage” or “grid wire guinea pig cage”, but they’re all basically the same thing. Feb 24, 2016 - Tutorials, DIYs, and cage ideas for your guinea pig. See more ideas about Guinea pig cage, Pig, Guinea. For starters lonely small guinea pig, your own cage has to be two grids vast by three plants prolonged. 2 small guinea pig pals will play contentedly before following inside a cage a couple of plants wide by simply a number of plants prolonged. 3 and up wild guinea pig close friends will unquestionably event upon in a cage Two power grids by 5 and your individual singing vocal guinea piggy.

2. PetHelpful’s C&C Guinea Pig Cage. The Cubes and Coroplast, commonly known as the C&C cages are the most popular DIY guinea pig cages. Most importantly, you can build a sizeable C&C cage providing ample space for your guinea pigs to roam around at a very low price. Guinea Pig Home Guinea Pig Classifieds Guinea Pigs.INFO GL: Medical & Care. How to Make a C&C Cage Easy as 1-2-3! (really) Snap the grids (or cubes) together.. We recommend a folding work table for 2 x 4 grid cages and up (5' x 30" table top needed for a 2 x 4 grid cage). They are available at many office supply stores for around $30 - $35. Of course, you can invest into a good cage, however, I will share a very easy and cheap DIY guinea pig cage project. So, if you are crafty and are a DIY guru stay tuned! The size of the cage. The size of the cage matters! I would say that the optimal dimensions for a cage with one guinea pig are 40×60 cm which is 16 to 24 inches.

Ideas for guinea pig cages that you can buy or make. Tips for how to DIY a guinea pig cage or make a c&c guinea pig cage with corrugated plastic flooring. This post contains affiliate links which may earn me commissions should you click through them and take certain actions. As an affiliate for Amazon and other sites, I earn from qualifying.

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