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After discovering that 71% of pet owners play music for their animals, Spotify has announced they’re creating playlists and even a podcast for dogs’ ears only. According to a Spotify survey of 5,000 music-streaming pet owners across the globe, 8 in 10 pet owners believe their pets like music (with 55% claiming the pets have the same taste as their owners). Spotify decided to introduce its Pet Playlists after consulting with pet industry experts and discovering that 71% of pet owners surveyed in five countries (U.S., U.K., Australia, Italy and Spain.

A musicfilled treat for your pet. Get your Pet Playlist

Plus, 8 in 10 people believe their pets like music, and around 46% of people feel that music is a stress reliever for their furry friends. That being said, we created a unique experience to help you craft the pawfect algorithmically generated playlist for you and your pet to enjoy together.

Pet playlist by spotify com like. "8 in 10 people believe their pets like music, and around 46 percent of people feel that music is a stress reliever for their furry friends," Spotify wrote in a press release. Like many cat owners. Spotify’s research has found that, indeed, you and your pet probably already have an established relationship with music. In a global online survey of over 5,000 music-streamers with pets from. Spotify today announced "Pet Playlists," which builds custom playlists for a cat, dog, iguana, hamster, or bird (via The Verge). The playlist generator combines your pet's personality traits with.

Now Spotify is giving you a tool that makes a playlist customized to the real star of your life: your pet. With Pet Playlists , Spotify's algorithm compiles a selection of 30 songs based on your. Spotify started a new feature letting people create playlists for theirs pets. sounds fun, is fun. this is × Close We use cookies to give you the best online experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Spotify thinks it can generate a playlist your pet will love. If hand-curating a playlist that you and your pup can agree on seems like a daunting task, Spotify thinks it’s up for the job.

The rest of the process was mostly inspired by our own furry, fuzzy and scaly friends. For a more scientific playlist, please check out Mellow Meowsic, which Teie curated exclusively for Spotify. By the way, we only use the information you provide us for the purpose of creating your Pet Playlist. A playlist featuring Holger Czukay, Cornelius, Alex Cameron, and others We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Whether you have a parrot who likes to jam out to techno or a hyperactive mutt that is only soothed by classical music, Spotify's Pet Playlist offers a 30-song list for your furbaby.

The program looks at what your cat may like and what you may like to create a playlist. It also offers a scientific playlist called Mellow Meowsic, which musicologist David Teie created for Spotify. After the company's research revealed that lots of pet owners leave music playing for their animals when they have to go out, Spotify created a dedicated website where humans can go to get a list. Spotify says its algorithm creates playlists that serve the soothing needs of your pet, as long as it’s a dog, cat, bird, hamster or iguana (sorry, teacup pigs).

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 16 — Spotify recently decided to get into the pet game. What the music streaming service provider has decided to do is let animal lovers create a playlist for their pets. Aptly titled the Pet Playlist, the paw friendly playlist was created after conducting an online... Once you enter all this info, Spotify curates a playlist you can listen to with your furry or scaly friend based on your own personal taste in music and the answers you gave about your pet. To get a playlist for your pet, you have to head over to Spotify’s Pet Playlist website. It then presents you with five pet options — cat, dog, iguana, bird, or hamster — and asks you to.

Tell Spotify about your pet and its personality, and the music streamer will create a playlist for you and your furry friend. Alison DeNisco Rayome Jan. 15, 2020 1:43 p.m. PT Spotify’s custom pet playlist feature accommodates a number of different pet species—in addition to dog and cat, you can also select bird, hamster, or iguana. After completing a brief quiz about your pet’s personality traits, you’ll receive a curated playlist just for your pet. To begin with, Spotify will ask you which animal you'd like to create a playlist for (you can choose from dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and iguanas). 2. You'll then be presented with a slider bar to.

The top 5 artist-influenced pet names include Bob Marley, Elvis, Freddie Mercury, Bowie and Ozzy. Spotify also unleashed a few more fun facts like 55% of pet owners think their pet has the same.

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A musicfilled treat for your pet. Get your Pet Playlist

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A musicfilled treat for your pet. Get your Pet Playlist

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