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Pets for adoption Adopting from us Senior pets Kittens in pairs Pets in apartments Adoption fees Fostering Happy Tails: Get involved Donate Regular giving RSPCA National Raffle Events Fundraising Membership Volunteering Corporate Involvement Careers Our sponsors: Health and behaviour Birds Cats and kittens Dogs and puppies Fish Guinea pigs. Rohan is an RSPCA Qld Veterinary Nurse who sees all types of sick and injured stray or surrendered pets admitted for treatment to the Domestic Hospital every week. Share this article Latest articles on Pet Care

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About 40 pets a day are being abandoned across England and Wales, the RSPCA says. As the charity warns of further abandonments in the months to come, the BBC visited an animal sanctuary to learn.

Rspca pets. National Cruelty and Advice Line (7am - 10pm): 0300 1234 999 Caring for your pets. We all love our pets but sometimes people need extra support to care for their animals during challenging times. RSPCA is here in the City of Latrobe lending a hand with things like pet food, shelter or vet care. Get in touch to see how we can help you or somebody you know. Transform an animals life forever and explore the range of cats, kittens, puppies, dogs and more looking for a loving home near you today.

We specialise in animal rescue & furthering the welfare cause for all animals. Click to learn more about & support the UK's leading animal welfare charity. Dogs Animals Donate Fundraising Pets Cats Posted Apr 17, 2020 Who would have thought a few untrained artists (as well as some seriously good ones mixed in there), some pens, paper and some beautiful pets would make around $8,000 in donations for the RSPCA? Adopting a cat or kitten. Cats make wonderful companions and there are many cats and kittens available for adoption at the RSPCA. Find out what you need to know before adopting a cat.

This lesson looks at the complex needs of exotic (non-domestic) pets and the responsibility involved in looking after them. This will give students the opportunity to discuss and debate topical issues, problems and events that are of concern and offer their recommendations. They should recognise that animals need the right types and amount of nutrition, and that they cannot make their own food. RSPCA Australia Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 09:41 Fireworks are an inevitable part of Australia Day and New Year’s Eve celebrations and, while they are lots of fun for most people, a lot of animals are terrified of the noise. RSPCA Pet Insurance. Like any member of your family, your pet can unfortunately and unexpectedly become ill or suffer an accident. Even expenses for annual routine care like vaccinations, teeth cleaning and flea, tick and worm control can come as quite a shock.

To support teachers, educators and parents the RSPCA has a range of education resources available. Including fact sheets, posters, games, the Humane Food Podcast and more. Online advertising of pets; Slaughter without stunning; Take the Pledge; Pigs; Puppy farms; Duck hunting; Mulesing of sheep; Animals in rodeos; Dairy cattle and bobby calves; The Facts. The RSPCA Knowledgebase; Education resources; RSPCA Policies; RSPCA annual statistics; Adopt A Pet. Search Adopt-A-Pet; Advice on adopting a dog or puppy. Use our search to check out the pets available. All animals have been health and behaviour assessed by the RSPCA. Step 3 Contact. Once you’ve found the pet you’d like to welcome into your family, contact the shelter and make an appointment to stop by. Step 4 Visit.

All our our dogs and cats will come spayed or snipped, vaccinated and microchipped. And, to help your pet in their time of need why not consider getting RSPCA Pet Insurance? Sponsor an animal's stay. Whilst waiting to meet you, your new family member is getting all the care they need in one of our animal centres. And they're not alone. Pets can offer us so much, so they deserve our care and respect.. The RSPCA is proud to be a member organisation of the Animal Behaviour and Training Council, which promotes humane practice and improvements in animal welfare in the training and behaviour therapy of animals. Whatever your pet, from the tiniest mouse to the tallest horse, you'll want to keep them happy and healthy all year round. We've got it covered - how to reduce your pet's fear of fireworks, the importance of microchipping your pet, how neutering your pet can prevent unwanted litters, ways to banish pesky fleas and worms, and the dangers of pet obesity...

Our free teaching resources will help children to understnad pets as living animals with needs and feelings. They'll learn about the five welfare needs of animals kept as pets, how different pets have specific needs and what our responsbilties are to our pets. The RSPCA has seized nearly 500 animals from a Toowoomba pet store in one of its largest raids in the region to date. Key points: The RSPCA has seized 500 animals from Pets Galore in Toowoomba During the nearly four months since lockdown began, the RSPCA has received reports about 3,492 abandoned animals – about 40 calls a day – including 1,509 dogs, 1,165 cats, 299 small furry animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs and ferrets, and 275 exotic pets.

RSPCA Australia Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 09:52 For many Australians, guinea pigs are their first pet – the first little ball of fluff we learn to care for and love as part of our families.

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