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Hamster factfile. Hamsters belong to the family Cricetidae and there are 24 different species. Among the most popular kept as pets are the Syrian, the Russian dwarf Campbell and the Roborovski. Why not view our full Hamster factfile (PDF 48KB). Hamsters enjoy exploring Links To Videos: How To Tame A Hamster Safe Food List … source

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When buying a wheel, visualise an adult sized Syrian hamster inside. Your pet needs to be able to run on the wheel with its back straight. A Syrian hamster's wheel needs to be 10–12 inches (25.4–30.5 cm) in diameter. If the wheel is too small, the central spoke will cause the hamster to flex in the wrong direction (its back makes a "U").

Syrian hamster care videos. Videos. Syrian Hamster Care Essentials | ErinsAnimals. 7 Dec, 2019. News. Welcome to Syrian Hamster Care. 6 Dec, 2019. Hammy News. Recent Posts. Updated Suitable Food List for Syrian Hamsters; Syrian Hamster Care Essentials | ErinsAnimals; Welcome to Syrian Hamster Care; Recent Posts; Popular Posts; The Syrian hamster, also known as the golden hamster, has enduring appeal for children and adults. Now available in a wide range of colours as well as the attractive golden of the first pet hamsters, they can be kept cheaply and smell less than some other rodents, which is a plus in a small apartment. Using a sample of 180 Syrian hamster weights from the Hamster Weigh in Thread(excluding pregnant, ill, or very old/young hamsters), I have calculated that the average weight for a Syrian hamster is 162.3g. However, there was a massive range of weights. The biggest hamster weighed 310g and the smallest weighed just 75g! This is a range of 235g

Syrian Hamster Care Essentials | ErinsAnimals by SHC · Published 7th December 2019 · Updated 7th December 2019 This is a great and informative video covering most of the essential basics of caring for your syrian hamster. Jul 28, 2019 - Explore Sweetpea Hertz's board "Syrian hamster cages" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hamster cages, Syrian hamster, Syrian hamster cages. The Syrian hamster is one of the larger species, so it needs a bigger cage. The Prevue Pet Products Universal Small Animal Home is a great option because it features an extra-deep base with plenty of room for bedding and a wire mesh top that offers excellent ventilation.

Get a Syrian hamster if you’d like a larger hamster. Syrian hamsters are much larger than dwarf hamsters, growing to be as long as 6–7 inches (15–18 cm). Because Syrian hamsters are larger, you’ll need a little more space to take care of one than you would with a dwarf hamster, since it will need a more spacious cage and a larger. Welcome to, we are in the process of developing this website into a large resource of information for Syrian Hamster owners. We aim to cover all aspects of Syrian Hamster care ranging from recommended cages, foods, handling, health care and more, as well as many handy tips along the way. Syrian Hamster Care Essentials | ErinsAnimals This is a great and informative video covering most of the essential basics of caring for your syrian hamster. Also be sure to check out some of the other videos on Erins channel for...

Jun 11, 2020 - Cute pictures of hamsters and hamster care tips. See more ideas about Hamster care, Hamster, Cute hamsters. May 11, 2017 - Explore Oh My Shih Tzu's board "Animals: Hamster", followed by 1156 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hamster, Hamster diy, Hamster care. Here is a comprehensive list of safe food for Syrian Hamsters, we have also included which foods to avoid feeding your Syrian Hamster. It’s a popular misconception that hamsters just eat dried hamster food that you purchase from a pet shop, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The average lifespan for a Syrian hamster is 2 to 2.5 years, although like most animals, there are some individuals who live longer than this. As an adult the average size of a Syrian hamster is 5.5 inches. Syrian hamsters are popular with novice hamster owners, and younger children, as they tend to be easier to handle and tame. Dwarf hamsters Don't forget to subscribe to us for more awesome videos! Publisher - Home; Care Sheet. 01. Types of Hammers. How To Take Care Of Roborovski Hamsters May 22, 2019 - Explore lanaginger's board "Syrian hamster cages" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hamster cages, Hamster, Hamster cage.

Syrian or Golden Hamster Care : Syrian or Golden Hamster Life Span&Health by Admin 1,280 Views / 0 Likes Learn from an exotic animal health technician as she provides information about Syrian or Golden hamster life spans, health, breeding, and healthy weight, in this free online video. Aug 8, 2014 - Explore BarlowGirlHanny's board "syrian hamster", followed by 176 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Syrian hamster, Hamster, Cute hamsters. Pet hamsters require a safe environment with room to move, eat, sleep and exercise. Cage materials should be sturdy enough to withstand chewing and secure enough to prevent escape. Avoid wood or soft plastic as these will encourage a hamster to gnaw. Hamster habitat location should be safely away from other pets, out of direct sunlight and away from high activity areas to keep the hamster from.

Hamster food that is ground into a powder can get trapped in a hamster’s back teeth, causing cavities. Hamsters tend to have fewer dental problems than some other rodents. However, it is a good idea to ask your veterinarian to check your pet’s teeth for overgrowth and other problems.

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