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Rabbits are good pets for apartments as they won’t wake you up during the night. Happy and contented rabbits make soft clucking and purring noises. Unhappy rabbits can hiss, growl, and whimper.. You should also keep rabbits indoors to protect them from predators and the weather. Regular veterinary checkups are essential. In the past, rabbits were generally seen as “outdoor pets”, best kept in a wooden cage in the garden. Over time, however, a growing number of people have decided to keep indoor rabbits. Increasingly, these aren’t simply kept in a standard cage inside the home, but are allowed out for varying periods of time to exercise and explore.

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Indoors rabbits can either be kept confined to a cage and let out for exercise or allowed free run of the house or a room (house rabbit). House rabbits use a litter tray, just like a cat. The size of an indoor cage should be similar to that of a hutch, however, if you let your rabbit out frequently it is not quite so important to have a large cage.

Rabbits as pets indoors. There are now approximately 5.3 million companion rabbits owned by 2.2 million households in America. And while rabbits unfortunately continue to be bought as pets for children, the number of adults-only households owning rabbits among all households that own rabbits increased from 26 percent in 1996 to 39 percent in 2000. If having hay in your home could cause problems for you or your family, such as triggering allergies, then keeping rabbits indoors may not be the best option for you. Their hay can be supplemented with fresh pulled grass, or you can also grow some grass or herb plants indoors for your rabbits to nibble on. Rabbits are lovely pets to have. A rabbit is tame and playful, and yet also social. However, it does take a lot of work to take care of a rabbit. Like all pets, rabbits need a clean, healthy environment and the right kind of food in order to thrive. Keep your rabbits indoors. Some rabbit breeders.

There are many options for housing your rabbit indoors, including puppy pens, bunny condos, rabbit cages or simply a bunny proofed room. We’ll discuss each option below. Free Reign in a Bunny Proofed Room. We prefer to let our pet rabbits have free reign in a bunny proofed room. We chose to keep them in the room we use as an office. Rabbits make great pets. In general rabbits need appropriate housing, exercise, socialisation and a specific diet for good welfare. Some breeds of rabbits, particularly the longer haired rabbits, may require daily grooming. It is important that you understand all the requirements for caring for a rabbit before you buy one. “Keeping rabbits indoors is ideal because it protects them from potential harm like predators and inclement weather,” says Katie Malensek, DC, DVM at Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic in Port Orange, Florida. Being indoors can also help keep your rabbit healthy. Because rabbits are prey animals, they are very good at concealing pain and illness.

More and more rabbits are being kept as house pets, and why not - cats and dogs live indoors too! Having your pet rabbits in the house makes it easier to interact with them and makes them more sociable, as well as easier for you to keep an eye on them for any changes in their health or behaviour. Some people may have even attempted keeping a rabbit indoors and are convinced that doing so is necessarily a smelly affair. I am here to say that you can keep rabbits indoors without your home smelling! I started keeping rabbits indoors as an adult in the 1980s. Over the years, I have tried many different housing and litter set-ups. Which Pet Rabbit Breed Is Best and Child Friendly? What are the Best Breeds of Rabbits as Pets for First Time Owner? Check Out Our List of 12 Popular and Cute Pet Rabbit Breeds with Pictures. You can find various types of rabbits for pets. If you want to have a rabbit as a pet, you need to know about the top rabbit breeds for house pets. The several breeds of rabbits differ in their size.

Indoor Rabbit Housing – What You Need to Know About Keeping a Rabbit Indoors When most people consider bringing home a house pet, they think of a cat, a dog, or perhaps even a guinea pig. Bunnies can just as easily be kept as an indoor pet and make loving human companions. These little hoppers sometimes love to be snuggled and petted, enjoy. Oftentimes rabbits are subjected to multi-month-long quarantine periods upon arrival into other countries, and in many places, pet rabbits are not permitted in at all. Children and Rabbits: Rabbits live 10+ years. Adopting a rabbit is a long-term commitment. Rabbits are NOT low-maintenance pets. So adopting a bunny should be a family decision. A cardboard box stuffed with hay makes an inexpensive playbox. Young rabbits (under a year) are more inclined to mischief and require more confinement and/or bunny-proofing than mature rabbits. House rabbits and other animals House rabbits and indoor cats can get along fine, as do rabbits and well-mannered dogs. Dogs should be trained to.

Rabbits are prey animals, which means that housing your rabbit outdoors is generally not a good idea; keep your rabbit indoors. When not being directly supervised, your rabbit should be kept in a crate or cage at least 3 to 4 feet long. Because they have tender feet, rabbits do poorly in wire-bottomed cages; a better choice is a plastic dog crate. Best Rabbit Hutches – indoors, outdoors, with and without runs. This PawHut bunny enclosure is an excellent starter for your rabbits and other small pets. It measures 45.5″L x 24.25″W x 20.75″H and has a triangular or A-shaped frame with a run and an enclosed sleeping place, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.. Rabbits can be kept indoors or outdoors, but you’ll need a certain type of cage depending on which option you choose. In this article, we’ll talk about the basics of caring for pet rabbits and provide some tips for choosing the best rabbit habitat. You’ll also see our top 5 picks for the best rabbit cages and hutches.

Rabbits can also get along quite well with most domestic cats and many breeds of dogs.. Even cats and dogs who chase small animals outdoors tend to accept indoor rabbits as co-equal family members and usually do not harass them if the owner is present.. Many new rabbit owners are surprised at their pets' gregariousness. Rabbits are highly suitable as indoor pets; by keeping them indoors, time spent with a companion rabbit is the best it can possibly be for both human and animal. Return to Articles Our Plans Rabbits make great pets but, like any living creature, they require certain conditions to be happy and healthy. This care guide introduces you to everything you need to get the most enjoyment out of your pet rabbit! 01 of 08. Is a Rabbit Right for You? DCA Productions / Getty Images.

They are, however, great pets for adults and make good companions for adults with disabilities. They enjoy human interaction but only in an environment where they feel safe and stable. Extremely small (usually between 1.1 and 2.5 lbs), these rabbits are better suited to a stable and quiet environment better than one with children running around.

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