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standards in the dog food industry. To avoid this problem, some pet owners are coming up with their own dog food recipes but there are ingredients that you should use and ones you should avoid. Veterinarians will tell you that the best food for your dogs should have a ratio of 75% carbohydrates to 25% meat. This formula is intended for pure breed Labrador Retrievers who are older than 15 months and weigh at least 30 lbs. Along with at least an hour of activity every day, it is recommended that owners feed their lab an average of 4- 10 cups of Royal Canin Dry Dog Food per day. (Discounted at

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If you are looking for the best dog food for Labrador Retrievers that are older than 15 months of age or are transitioning from puppy food to adult food, it is a good idea to consult with your.

Labrador dog food recipes. High Iron Crock Pot Dog Food Recipe. This is the first of MANY crock pot dog food recipes I have. I’ll add more to the list as I’m able. This one is super high in iron and every critter, that includes the cat, that’s eaten it LOVES it! It isn’t made for the cat, though. Cats do not need grains. The best dog food for Labrador Retrievers will be a large-breed dog food made with plenty of lean animal protein and low-to-moderate fat content. It should be highly digestible and nutritionally balanced with fresh fruits and vegetables for nutritional support. Make some super healthy and super simple homemade dog food recipes for your Labrador. A complete homemade dog food plan that will work to keep your Labrador happy, healthy and out of the Vets. These functional superfood recipes are made by Cam, The Dog Nutritionist.

The goal of homemade dog food recipes is to create a balanced diet that beats what you can get in your local pet food aisle. There are many vet-approved recipes out there to get you started. These recipes are endorsed by licensed professionals, so you can have peace of mind knowing that they're a healthy option. Labrador Puppies will have different nutritional needs from adults or seniors. There are plenty of puppy foods out there that you can choose for your Labrador pup.You’ll want to make sure that you get a formula made for large breed puppies, and ensure that food is extremely high quality. Any food can be made unhealthy by being given in too large quantities. Remember that Lab’s are prone to weight gain, and to give your special homemade dog biscuits as occasional treats only. Homemade Dog Treat Recipes. I have been searching out the very best homemade dog treat recipes that the internet has to offer.

Wellness Core Large Breed Dog Food. Rating: Wellness Core Large Breed is one of 12 recipes included in our review of Wellness Core Dog Food.. First 5 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, potatoes, peas Type: Grain-free Profile: Maintenance Best For: Adults only (not for puppies) Wellness Core Large Breed derives most of its animal protein from chicken and turkey. Dietary changes should be done gradually, allowing your dog's body to adjust and minimizing intestinal upset. A guideline is to add new foods at a rate of 10 to 25 percent each week. For example, for a 60-pound Lab needing 1,500 calories per day, you might add 150 calories' worth of new food per week, while removing an equal amount of current food. Many dog owners are discovering that homemade dog food recipes are the way to go for their pooch. Besides being a possible money-saving option, healthy homemade dog food is a choice that is easier than you may think, as well as being a great-tasting alternative to commercial dog food.

Jun 18, 2020 - Dog food, diets and nutrition. Treats, recipes, home made meals, help, and advice. See more ideas about Dog food recipes, Dogs, Dog health. If you have been looking for crockpot dog food recipes for your puppy, you will love the 4 healthy crockpot dog food recipes we have here. Enjoy! We use our slow cooker to make warm and hearty home-cooked meals with minimal effort. Marketed as being super-premium, all-natural dog food, the Nutrish line is a go-to choice for many dog parents due to its natural ingredients and simple recipes. At this time, Rachael Ray Nutrish offers several different lines of dry and wet dog foods which are suitable for dogs of all life stages and are based on Ms. Ray’s recipes.

Step 1. Cook food for your Labrador retriever that contains a suitable combination of foods. A healthy diet should include approximately 50 percent animal protein, 30 percent complex carbohydrates and 20 percent fruit and vegetables.For example, take 1 pound of lean meat and combine it with approximately 9.5 ounces of carbohydrates and 7.5 ounces of fruits and vegetables to make 2 pounds of food. DIY dog food recipes can come in handy if your dog is picky about his food or suffers from food allergies. If you’re looking to keep your friend healthy and are willing to dedicate some of your free time to make your own dog food, see this list of the best dog food recipes you can easily prepare in your kitchen. A dog food rich in protein and complex carbohydrates that are high in soluble fiber would make for a great dog food for Labrador Retrievers. Labs are prone to obesity though. So Labrador Retrievers should be getting 10-15% of their energy needs from fats rather than carbohydrates depending on their activity levels.

10 Best Dog Food Recipes for Senior Dogs. Just like puppies, older dogs need a change in their diet in order to lead the healthiest possible lives. These 10 best homemade dog food recipes for. Dog's with allergies, sensitivities, or intolerance can live a happy life and you can live worry free. Which is why we like making grain free treats at home too. The second reason is money savings! When it comes to healthy dog food the top brands are quite expensive, but you can simply use the same ingredients at home and save an absolute ton. Why Quality Food Matters for Your Labrador Retriever. Labs are prone to joint and skin issues as well as excess weight. Nutrient dense food gives your Lab enough protein and complex carbs to last all through the day, but it won’t add a bunch of empty calories to your Lab’s diet.

As large dogs, Labradors require good nutrition to live long, healthy lives. Some Lab owners feed their dogs homemade diets to avoid common fillers found in commercial dog food, including meat byproducts, corn, wheat, artificial colors and additives.

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